3 Types of Truck Suspensions And When You Might Need Them

3 Types of Truck Suspensions And When You Might Need Them

Your truck suspension is not only responsible for the way your car feels, but for the way it handles rough terrain, stability, road handling, and so much more.

If your truck is riding rough, vibrating at high speeds, or leaning when making tight turns, it could be time for a suspension upgrade. The question is, what kind of suspension does your truck need?

Here are three different truck suspensions to get you started on your suspension upgrade journey:

Body Lift Kits

Body lift suspensions increase the space between the bottom of your truck and the ground. They also increase the space between the body and the tires, so you have the option of upgrading to bigger wheels and tires.

These suspensions can help your truck ride more smoothly, but the primary benefit of a body lift is the aesthetic. It makes your truck look awesome.

The best part of body lift kits is that they don’t require tons of extra work to install. They are relatively cheap, and they don’t require a re-alignment of your suspension.

Stop by a truck performance shop in Chattanooga to get a better idea about how to install a body lift kit on your truck.

Towing Suspensions

Towing Suspensions

Towing heavy cargo is hard on your truck. Adding bump stops, air springs, and leaf springs to your suspension will help extend its lifespan. Aside from towing, adding tow suspension components to your truck can help absorb the shock of bumpy terrain.

If you’re not sure if your truck needs a towing suspension, take it into a high performance automotive shop to get a second opinion.

Leveling Kits

You may not be able to tell at a glance, but most trucks sit unevenly on the road. Usually they’re higher in the back than they are in the front. 

A leveling kit, predictably, levels out the truck so no one end is higher than the other. This is a good upgrade for truck owners who don’t do a great deal of towing or offroading. It can also free up space for custom tires and wheels.