Top 7 Value For Money Car Modifications

Top 7 Value For Money Car Modifications

Car modifications can take a generic car and make it uniquely your own. There are two types of car modifications: cosmetic modifications and performance modifications. Cosmetic modifications are changes to the appearance of the car, while performance modifications are changes affecting how the car drives. You can visit a vehicle performance shop to have these modifications done, or make the car modification yourself if you are prepared!


New tires are both a performance and cosmetic modification. This economical modification has such benefits as better grip and performance in poor weather conditions. Furthermore, aside from a paint change, tire and wheel modifications can be very easy to see on the road. This allows drivers to “show off” the uniqueness of their car, and you can even get custom wheels for your new tires!

Quality Race Seats

Changing your seat style is a fun car interior modification that many car enthusiasts turn to. This modification involves replacing your car’s seat with a race seat, though some may try to get a similar “racing look” through custom seat covers. Upgrading your seats to race seats can have many benefits, including increased comfort and better driving position for the driver.

However, an important thing to consider when looking at race seats is that the seat needs to be able to still use the factory seatbelts and not disengage the car’s seatbelts. It is not legal to use race harnesses instead of the factory seat belt, so ensuring that you buy a street-legal race seat is very important. Search for quality race seats that are legal for street use to ensure that your modification is not only fun but also safe. 

Steering Wheel Covers

Steering wheel covers are a car interior modification that is easy to have done. A quick online search will result in thousands of steering wheel cover options, from genuine leather to different patterns. You can even have a steering wheel cover custom-made to your car specifications and personal preferences. Some benefits of using a steering wheel cover include better grip and less wear on your car’s steering wheel. 

Window Tint

Window tint is another car modification that many Americans use, regardless of the type of vehicle they drive. It is important to make sure that your car’s window tint is applied correctly and maintained in order to avoid a “bubble” appearance and other effects. 

Window tint rules vary between states. Some states only allow this modification if the tint is not reflective or if the driver has a medical condition. Because of this, it is important to look up your state’s guidelines regarding tint and make sure you are within the acceptable percentage range of light restriction. Car modification shops are also a great option to ensure that window tint is applied correctly and within legal limits. 


Turbochargers are a performance modification that many auto performance shops are able to complete. Turbochargers increase the engine’s performance by forcing more air in. This creates more power. A turbocharger car modification is legal as long as it is able to pass your state’s safety inspection and emissions checks. You may want to consider having car modification shops complete this modification, as they will be familiar with the emission and safety guidelines of your home state. 

Sound System

Another car modification that is worth the expense is custom pedals. Custom pedals can have the benefit of fitting your feet better, allowing for more control and comfort. This change also creates a more customized look in your vehicle, letting your car stand out from factory models. Since your pedals are so important, consider looking into an auto shop specializing in performance services to make the car modification, in order to ensure that everything is installed safely and correctly.


Car modifications are a fun way to make your car uniquely stand out on the road. Before you begin making modifications, read some Tips to Consider Before Upgrading Your Vehicle to be fully prepared. There are numerous more types of car modifications available to car enthusiasts, so whichever car modification you chose make sure it is safe and legal within your state.