What is a Supercharged Engine and How Does It Work

What is a Supercharged Engine and How Does It Work

If you are looking to give your car a major upgrade or make it push the limits of vehicle power, a supercharged engine may be right for you. Supercharged engines are a favorite among car enthusiasts because they can significantly increase the power output of a car. An engine performance shop can perform this upgrade, giving your car the boost it needs to stand out from other vehicles on the road.

What is a Supercharger?

An engine supercharger is an air compressor that works to increase the horsepower output of the vehicle. Superchargers are driven by the engine’s crankshaft, and are often connected with a belt. An engine supercharger runs based on engine power, which is different from how turbochargers operate. 

Engine superchargers accomplish improving horsepower by increasing the pressure of the air that is supplied to the internal combustion engine. This process helps the engine to burn more fuel, giving the car a higher power output. If your car is old and in need of a refresh, a supercharged engine is a great, cost-efficient way to add horsepower and bring your car back to life.

How Much Faster Does a Supercharger Engine Make Your Car?

Supercharged engines mainly work in improving the engine’s horsepower. While it can vary based on the vehicle, most superchargers will give you an increased power boost of anywhere from 30% to 50% more than what the vehicle’s original output was. Your supercharger will likely sit in the middle of that range, on average. 

The reason that the engine supercharger will not hit an increased power boost of 50% every time is because the boost depends on the supercharger you select. The type of supercharger, supercharger quality, and quality of installation all impact what output your car will experience. This is another important question to ask before hiring an auto mechanic that can make a difference in your supercharger experience.

Pros and Cons of Supercharged Engine

There are both pros and cons to getting a supercharged engine. Some supercharged engine pros and cons include:


  • Cost-effective
  • No lag compared to turbochargers
  • Low revolutions per minute (RPM)
  • Improved horsepower


  • Less reliability
  • Lower efficiency when compared to turbochargers

Different Types of Supercharger

There are two types of engine superchargers that you may have installed in your vehicle. They are:

  • Positive displacement
  • Dynamic compressor

A positive displacement engine supercharger works by providing a constant pressure increase at each engine speed. In comparison, a dynamic compressor supercharger engine delivers very high pressure at high speeds, but not as high of pressure at low speeds. Thus, your choice of supercharger kit will depend on what type of power output you are wanting at each speed. 

Are Superchargers Worth The Money

The question of if an engine supercharger is worth the money depends on what type of output you are wanting from the upgrade. If you are looking to significantly boost the horsepower of your vehicle, this type of upgrade can be less of an investment than having a fancier engine installed. Overall, superchargers are a great investment for anyone looking to improve the overall power output of their vehicle, or if you are looking to refresh the power of an older car.

Can a Supercharger Engine Increase Fuel Mileage?

A frequent question regarding engine superchargers is if they increase fuel mileage. Some types of superchargers can give you better mileage. Superchargers can increase the fuel consumption of your vehicle, thus making them less fuel efficient. However, for many car enthusiasts, this is a small price to pay for a major power and performance boost.

Bottom Line

A turbo supercharger engine is great for anyone looking to increase power output in their vehicle. Not only can you significantly boost the horsepower of your engine, but superchargers also offer no lag and lower revolutions per minute. If you are looking to get a supercharged engine or for more information regarding what type of engine supercharger is right for your vehicle, visit our Chattanooga performance shop!