Getting Your Car Headlights Ready For Winter

Getting Your Car Headlights Ready For Winter

With the winter season arriving many Americans are working to get ready! While you may be thinking of shoveling snow or scraping windshields, another important way to prepare is by checking your car headlights.


Inclement winter weather like sleet, snow, and rain can reduce your visibility while driving. This makes it hard for you to see other cars or objects on the road, and makes it hard for other drivers to see you. To keep yourself and others safe, you’ll want to use your car headlights to increase your road visibility. 


However, if you’re on the road during adverse weather conditions and discover that your auto headlights are broken or having problems, you could be in trouble. Keep reading to learn how to check your car headlights and prepare them for this winter. 

Tips to Avoid Auto Headlight Problem


      • Get car headlight replacement anytime the light isn’t enough to see at night

      • Clean your auto headlights every 3 to 6 months

      • If problems persist after headlight replacement, visit an auto shop that does performance services for car headlight restoration or to check for poor connection

    How To Clean Car Headlight

    A common but easy-to-fix headlight problem is cloudy headlights. Cloudy headlights can contribute to poor beam strength, making it hard to see the road even when your headlights are on. You may be asking yourself how to clean car headlight, so we’ve included some steps:



        • Wash off any dirt or debris on top of the headlight with a mild cleanser

        • Dry with a rag or towel

        • Cover the area around the headlight with masking tape to prevent chemicals from harming the paint

        • Apply cleanser from a car headlight restoration kit

        • Gently work the cleanser in with a toothbrush or something similar

        • Clean off with water and rag

      Car Headlights Maintenance

      By keeping your car headlights clean, you’ll get rid of the cloudiness in your headlights and increase your visibility. However, you may experience other car headlight problems as well.


      It’s important to maintain your headlights to keep them working well in the winter months. Walk around your vehicle to see if your headlights and taillights are working correctly. Headlights that are flickering, flickering only while driving, dull, or one headlight not working are all potential auto headlight problems that you’ll want to fix as soon as possible.


      If your headlights are flickering, it could be a sign of an internal wiring problem or a bad connection. You can visit a vehicle performance shop to have the problem diagnosed and fixed. If your headlights are dull or out, you may need to replace the headlight bulb or cover.


      We hope you stay safe this winter! If you’re in the area and looking to prepare your auto headlights for the winter, visit our performance shop in Chattanooga, TN