4 Ways To Upgrade the Suspension On Your Car

4 Ways To Upgrade the Suspension On Your Car

Your car’s suspension is one of the most influential components in terms of how your car feels. The suspension affects your ability to turn and ride smoothly, and it helps your vehicle handle different kinds of terrain.

If your factory suspension is making your car uncomfortable or difficult to drive, there are some simple and affordable car upgrade services you can use to improve it.

Upgrade Your Tires

You can improve your suspension’s performance without directly changing or upgrading it just by upgrading the quality of your tires.

Upgraded tires improve the overall feel of your vehicle, as well as its ability to handle tight turns and bumpy terrain. 

Upgrade the Shocks and Struts

Shocks and struts help stabilize your vehicle during turns, braking, accelerating, and on bumpy terrain. Getting new, improved shocks and struts is a simple way to improve the overall comfort of your driving experience.

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It’s very important when shopping for suspension upgrades to buy parts from the correct manufacturer based on the make and model of your car. If you don’t know how to do this, bring your car into a high performance automotive shop for help.

Upgrade the Sway Bars

If your car leans to one side when you make tight turns, it might be a good idea to upgrade your sway bars. Sway bars help keep your car evenly balanced when making tight turns by improving the way your car’s weight is distributed across the suspension.

Again, it’s important to get sway bars from the correct manufacturer, so talk to a mechanic before you invest in anything.

Suspension Rebuild 

For the more extreme upgrade fanatics, there’s always the option to get an entirely new, fully customized suspension. This will cost money, and time, but if you’re enthusiastic about dramatically improving your car’s performance, the investment is worth it.

If you’re a Chattanooga driver, visit the S&S Performance Shop to talk to a mechanic about getting a brand-new, custom-made suspension.