Affordable Ways to Improve Your Cars Performance

Affordable Ways to Improve Your Car’s Performance

When most people think of performance upgrades, they imagine flashy light fixtures, flame exhausts, and huge suspension lifts. In other words, they imagine things that are extremely expensive.

Performance upgrades don’t have to break your budget, though – and they don’t even have to change the way your vehicle looks. Here are some affordable performance upgrades you can make to your vehicle, no matter how old it is.

Get New Wheels and Tires

This is perhaps the most straightforward way to immediately improve the way your car drives. A high-quality set of tires can significantly impact your ability to turn smoothly and safely.

Lightweight tires are generally your best bet, but always make sure your tires are of the highest possible quality.

Get New Wheels and Tires

High performance automotive shops will likely have some great options for wheel and tire upgrades.

Buy Better Spark Plugs

This is another small fix that can make an enormous difference for your car. Higher-quality spark plugs can help increase the efficiency of fuel combustion, and therefore increase your engine’s overall efficiency when driving long distances. 

This is generally a cheaper upgrade to make as well. High quality spark plugs usually cost only a few dollars more than regular ones. 

Visit the auto performance shop in Chattanooga to get an affordable spark plug upgrade.

Upgrade to a High-Performance Air Filter

It’s truly amazing how much a high-quality air filter can improve your engine’s overall horsepower and torque. High performance air filters can also improve your engine’s fuel efficiency and promote longer life overall.

High performance air filters are not particularly expensive, either. In fact, this is one of the cheapest ways you can upgrade your engine. 

Visit our performance shop for all your Chatanooga car performance service needs.