The Best Ways to Upgrade Your Car’s Hood

The Best Ways to Upgrade Your Car’s Hood

If you’re looking to upgrade your car, but you don’t know where to begin, a custom hood is a great non-invasive, affordable place to start.

Hoods can improve the performance of your engine while also improving the overall aesthetic of your car. Here are a few examples of hood upgrades to get you started.

Hood Scoops and Vents

Hood scoops allow more airflow for your engine, which in turn can increase its performance. There are several kinds – shaker scoops, ram-scoops, and intercooler scoops are just a few examples.

Some scoops are only useful if used in tandem with engine upgrades, but other, less specific scoops (like ram-scoops) can improve the airflow of your engine no matter what upgrades you have or have not made to it. You may not know which hood upgrade is best for your car and its engine, so talk to an expert at a Chattanooga performance shop before making a purchase.

Fiberglass Hoods

Fiberglass is cheap, durable, and it looks great. Best of all, it’s extremely light. This may not seem like a big deal when it comes to performance, but it’s a simple fact that if your engine has less weight to move, it will perform better.

Fiberglass hoods can be outfitted with scoops and other modifications to further increase your engine’s performance. Any high performance automotive shop should be able to outfit your vehicle with a brand-new fiberglass hood.

white car with Duraflex Hoods

Duraflex Hoods

Duraflex is a hybrid material made from fiberglass, plastic, and other flexible resins. The result is a hood which boasts all the lightweight perks of fiberglass, but with additional flexibility. This makes the hood a bit more durable and customizable, since performance mechanics won’t have to be as gentle with it when they work on it. 

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